Undivided Travel Reward Guidelines

  1. You are required to verify your email to make your hotel reviews eligible for rewards.

  2. While adding a Hotel name in Undivided Travel’s hotel directory always use the words ‘Hotel’, ‘Resort’, ‘Motel’, ‘Guest House’, or any suitable title before the accommodation’s name.

    Wrong: Rajmandir Palace Right: Hotel Rajmandir Palace
    Wrong: Goa Velha Right: Resort Goa Velha
    Wrong: Charminar Complex Right: OYO Charminar Complex

  3. You are required to submit honest and non-plagiarised hotel reviews.

  4. After writing a hotel review you are required to submit photos of your good or bad experiences to make your review credible.

  5. You are advised to refrain Bullying, Usage of Hate speech, Abusive language, or engaging in activities that are offensive to Undivided Travel’s community will result in termination of account where Undivided Travel won’t be liable to pay any rewards.

  6. Refrain from submitting inappropriate photos, videos, and media files.

  7. Refrain from creating multiple Undivided Travel accounts for one user in lieu of rewards.

  8. Refrain from Spamming the Undivided Travel comments section.

  9. The act of manipulation with any cookie or browser settings for the purpose of defrauding or bypassing the controls established by Undivided Travel will entitle Undivided Travel to proceed litigation against you.

  10. To mark out inconsistencies with the aforementioned guidelines your reviews will be under moderation for 24-48 hrs before you are credited with Undivided Travel reward points.
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