Get Up Close With The Rainbow City Of AMSTERDAM!

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Amsterdam and its electrifying energy are truly unmissable. The city buzzes with life and has been a favorite destination for the globetrotter, apparently for all the right reasons.

From beautiful canals, picturesque tulip fields, innumerable art museums, to more bikes than people, Amsterdam is sure to steal your heart. But how can you miss out on its very open policy on soft drugs and prostitution? It is perhaps the only city that brags about its sins so extravagantly.

However, the most remarkable feature of this place is that it has got something in store for everyone. Endless shopping, food haven, art, crazy nightlife, whatever it is that you are seeking, the city brings to the table for you. 

If Amsterdam is next on your list, here is a list of things that you must experience.

Canal Cruise Through The City

While you are in Amsterdam, it is absolutely imperative that you take a boat tour of the city. To add some magic to your experience, take the tour at night when the entire city lights up

The city houses around 165 historic canals and the tour makes up for a wonderful day out. What makes it even more exciting is that while you are on the boat, ‘you will be offered earphones and with the initiation of the journey, you will get a guided tour of the city’.

Therefore, while you are sailing past the beautiful houses stacked side by side, you will also learn about its history and timeless culture. The tour options vary from private charter boats to open boats. The cost is around $19 for adults

Rent A Bike

The Netherlands is best known for three things- bikes, tulips, and windmills. Inevitably, bikes are absolutely the best way to get around the city. You will find bikers almost everywhere and at every turn, so much so that there are separate lanes made for them!

All you need to do is rent one for the day and explore the many lanes and offbeat communities of this pretty city. However, make sure to pick up a map from the VVV tourist information center so that you can avoid taking a wrong turn. The cost entails about $11 per day and $6 for multiple days.

Don’t Miss Out On World’s Only Floating Flower Market

Popularly known as the “Flower Market Amsterdam”, the Bloemenmarket is the only floating flower market in the world. The myriad colors, sweet fragrances, and the variety of flowers will leave you in complete awe. It is open year-round and is absolutely free.

Explore The Jordaan 

If you identify as someone who marvels at the quaint streets of an unknown locality, it’s time that you put Jordaan on your list.

The neighborhood is known to have housed Amsterdam’s slums, which is now transformed into a thriving city. It lets you have a taste of the authentic Dutch culture. Take a turn from the hustle and bustle and spend some quality time in the winding alleyways of this charming locality.

Wander Through The Red Light District

Also known as De Wallen, the streets of the red light district comes alive at night. Although it may not be advisable to bring your kids to this corner of the city, it is a perfect place to soak in the signature liberty of Amsterdam. 

Unwind At Dam Square

Dam square is located right at the center which enables you to have an amazing 360° view of the city. As it happens to be the center, the place is surrounded by plenty of shopping stores, eateries, and museums. Or you can simply sit down and grab something to eat and drink in the energy of the city air.

Munch On Dutch Delicacies

Amsterdam is definitely a foodies’ paradise. There are some must-try Dutch foods, among which the best is the bitterballen.

 Bitterballens are crispy, fried meatballs, which are eaten to soak up large quantities of beer. The city is strewn with restaurants and cafes that serve good-quality bitterballens. Some of them are Winkel 43, Eetsalon van Dobben, FEBO, and Café de Tuin. 

So now you know where you can treat yourself well with good Dutch food.

Have A Heineken Experience

The Dutch can never go wrong when it comes to having quality beers. Therefore, when you find yourself in Amsterdam¸ make sure to indulge in The Heineken Experience. 

It is held at the old Heineken brewery, where you can learn the history of this famed beer company, enjoy a VR ride, and also have a tasting. The cost is $25 per person, which includes beer tasting. It opens daily at 10:30 am.

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