Do you know Canada is the second-largest country in the area just after Russia? The country is spread over an area of 9.98 million square kilometers. Since half of Canada is covered with forests it doesn’t come as a surprise that the country is home to one-tenth of the trees around the world. 

You can credit the immigration policy of the country that half of the population living in the country is of immigrants. Even with the friendly immigration policy and being the second-largest country in the world, the country’s population density is the fourth lowest in the world, with only three people living per square kilometer! 

In this write up check out the fun activities that you can do in Canada during your stay!

1. Bungee jump

Are you above 20 and a thrill-seeker by nature? Then you should visit Ottawa during this trip. At “The Rock”, which is just a 20-minute ride away from Downtown you can do a 200 feet bungee jump, and boast about your highest bungee jumping experience on social media.

Yes, you read it right “The Rock” boasts the highest bungee jumping in the entire United States. Hold your breath tight as you will be diving with your head down into a limestone rock amphitheater.

2. Niagara Falls

I know probably like me you would have read a lot about Niagra Falls. During your trip to Canada, you can actually visit the Niagara Falls, the world’s most iconic waterfall of all.

You can get to the waterfall location via various tour operators. In the tour which will last about 5-6 hours, you will get to know about all the highlights of the fall.

If not afraid you can also go on the top of the falls with the tour guides and can also get a chance to ride on the famous Maid of the Mist boat ride.

3. CN Tower Edgewalk

Have you always been jealous of Tom Cruise because of the adventurous stunts he gets to do or you wanted to be just like Jackie Chan doing those crazy stunts? Don’t worry you neither have to be jealous of Tom Cruise nor you have to be Jackie Chan.

Toronto’s CN Tower is ready to serve you your adrenaline dose. The CN Tower is a communications and observation tower and is 553 meters. The tower lets you walk on its edge by clipping you at the 1168ft. So Get Ready, Steady, and Clipped!

4. Climb the Rockies

Need another shot of adrenaline? I have just got what you will need (No I don’t supply drugs…HAHA). You can go through the Canadian Rockies, a mountain range spanning from British Columbia and Alberta.

You can also enjoy the mesmerizing turquoise lakes and a wide variety of flora and fauna spread over while going through the Canadian Rockies, spreading over a trail of 1,600 km.

Banff National Park is just the place for you if you love to rock climb. The national park is a part of the Canadian Rockies and not far away from Calgary.

5. Skiing

During your trip, you can go skiing in the country. To assist you in your ambitions country boasts a number of world-class ski resorts. One of the most favored and go-to skiing clubs in the country is Whistlers.

The skiing resort is located just two hours away from Vancouver. Along with an apt environment for skiing the area’s dining and nightlife just makes the place a traveler’s delight. 

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